In April 2020, when this housing crisis first became apparent, we approached government leaders and local homelessness prevention organizations and asked how we could help. Local experts suggested that we create a questionnaire and centralized database for anyone in a housing emergency.

This site is the result of hours of meetings between professionals dedicated to helping folks through this crisis. If there are any resources you think we should add, please reach out.

What is 211? According to their website, “If you need to connect with resources in your community, but don’t know where to look, PA 211 is a great place to start. From help with a utilities bill, to housing assistance, after-school programs for kids, and more, you can dial 211 or text your zip code to 898-211 to talk with a resources specialsist for free. Our Specialists will listen to your needs, and give you information on programs in your community that might be able to help.”

This site is intended to be a tool to help people provide resources and was created and is managed by Crimson Planet Media. These resources were provided to us by homelessness prevention professionals and may change. We will do our best to keep up, but as such we are unable to gaurantee you will be eligible for any service on this site. This site does not provide legal advice of any sort, it is just a directory of resources.

We do not ask for or collect personal information on this site. We do link to third party sites that may. You can contact Crimson Planet Media for any technical issues you are having with this site. However, we are unable to provide any direct assistance. So if you are facing a housing emergency, please call 211.

We’d like to thank these organizations for their guidance:

Chester County Friends Association
Home of the Sparrow

Good Samaritan Shelter
The Melton Center

We would like to thank the following elected officials who attended our meetings:

Chester County Commissioner Josh Maxwell
State Representative Mayor Dianne Herrin
West Chester Councilperson Nick Allen